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The Star Group believes that entrepreneurship is the driving force behind every business success. Started out as an entrepreneurial pursuit, the Group has grown since its establishment in 1998. The Group continues to look for talented staff, passionate and enthusiastic partners, and business counterparts that have similar vision. The commitment to entrepreneurship is not only limited to the Group’s own activities but extend to the business community.

By providing and sponsoring entrepreneurial platforms that create collaborations, leverage connections, and build a community of the like-minded, there will be provision of new products and services, creation of jobs and opportunities, and acceleration of economic growth.

Key Highlights

In 2017, The Group joined Betatron 2017, a start-up acceleration program based in Hong Kong.

Starting from 2015, The Group operated co-working space in Hong Kong and Seoul, providing a platform for many start-ups and entrepreneurs in various industries.

Since 2015, The Group has been collaborating with numerous start-ups and small companies.

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