SEHK: 1560

Star Group Company Limited (formerly known as Star Properties Group (Cayman Islands) Limited) (“the Company”/ “Star Group”) is a publicly listed company in Hong Kong with stock code 1560. It was founded by Mr. Joe Chan in Hong Kong back in 1998 as a financial firm, and later expanded into a property and lifestyle business in 2010. Since the beginning, the Company has always been looking to grow in a responsible way. In 2016, the Company was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

After corporate restructuring in 2021, the Star Group has now three core business areas: properties, lifestyle, and finance, under the brand name “Star Properties Subgroup”, “Metropolitan Lifestyle Subgroup”, and “Galaxy Capital Subgroup” respectively. The three subgroups together form a diversified conglomerate that covers a wide range of businesses that affect different aspects of people’s daily life. As of June 2022, the 3 different management and operating teams employ about 130 employees, who coordinate and complement each other. With the headquarters set in Hong Kong, Star Group expanded internationally to South Korea in 2018.

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The Star Group Asia believes that entrepreneurship is the driving force behind every business success. Started out as an entrepreneurial pursuit, the Group has grown since its establishment in 1998. The Group continues to look for talented staff, passionate and enthusiastic partners, and business counterparts that have similar vision. The commitment to entrepreneurship is not only limited to the Group’s own activities but extend to the business community.

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